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Top 9 Most expensive colleges and university around world

One thing that we are sure about is that tuition fee of university of college is indeed one of the most highly paid fees that you need to submit in academic life. Not only this but also when it comes to the tuition fees the united states is deemed to be considered as the place which cost most high college or university fee. Like, for instance, the annual tuition fee for undergraduate level is round about 35000 dollars. To be today we will be talking about the universities of college that have been asking for most high fee structure in the world.

1. Harvey Mudd College

Top 9 Most expensive colleges and university around world
This university is situated in the east of Los Angeles and in California. Not only but also, this is top-of-the-line university that asks for about $57000 for the education today student is going to Top 10 highest paying jobs around the world in this. Every sort of education is given at this college starting from technology to science engineering and Ph.D. and everything.

2. Franklin and Marshal College

Top 9 Most expensive colleges and university around world
Next on the line is a franklin and marshal college this college has roundabout a fee of again $57000. This college was actually chartered in the year 1787 however franklin was a different college but later on mingled with the marshal college in the year 1849.
Till now this franklin and marshal college is licensed under the 2003 fashion house act. Everyone who is looking forward to studying arts can definitely get them self-enrolled in this college that is situated at southern Pennsylvania.

3. Chicago University

Top 9 Most expensive colleges and university around world
Next in the line is a Chicago university it was basically found out in the year 1890. This university is deemed to be one of the biggest universities when it comes to the population and the area that this university has. There are countless objects that are being taught at this university but once again it cost about 57,000 dollars as an annual estimated fee for the student to get them self-study from this campus.

4. Trinity College

Top 9 Most expensive colleges and university around world
Trinity College has again estimated annual fee for about 57000 us dollars. This is situated at again in the United States of America and this college is again for liberal arts. Everyone who is the full form what to study liberal arts so they can choose the trinity college. Not only that but also the trinity college offers engineering courses for everyone who is looking forward to a career in engineering.
Definitely, when it comes to studying abroad things are not as easy as you may have to think about. But if you are loaded with money and you want to study in one of the most expensive universities are the college of the world trinity college is so far the best for you.

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Honor Play review - Super Phone with super camera but few cons

Hi Guys,
I receive this phone on 11 Aug (bit delay this time by amazon). I tested almost feature so writing in shot details below.
(you can also check real image capture by honor play here -


Pros - 

Look -
awesome, phone bigger hai but width kam hai so one hand you can grip this phone.
It look very premium in hand.       

Awesome camera Guys, AI is StandOut, zoom out flower images (attached in review) and see the detailing. Its outStanding. However front camera is not so super, its just above average (better then redmi Y1).
In light phone came super.

Battery - I think very good bcz battery drain very slow.  yesterday evening battery was 100% now (11:AM) 48%. and this duration i watched one HD movie, several calls, whatsapp and 30+ photos.

Navigation Key has three option.  you can choose "go to back" by either from right side or left.
FingerPrint and face unlock - too fast. sometime i found that, face unlock even work if power button not clicked. in day time, if there s enough light, face saaamne aate hi unlock ho jata hai.. so kudos.

Youtube - viewing experience is too good. you can watch movie in full notch screen.


Honor saod that its fast charger but when i charge (from 0%) it took dot 2 hour to full charge. my old phone Redmi Y1 (which has normal charger) also charge fully in 2 hour. so I can say, honor said lie here.

Agar aap third party launcher use karte ho (like Nova) to dual app use nhi kar paoge.. it only work with system default launcher.

For GPS user- i fond that my Y1 was better than honor for GPS. o I use "mapMyWalk" to check GPS accuracy. I found that, in honor, signal fluctuate too much. mai ek jagah me baitha hu and gps show, 100 meter walk. aisa isliye ki GPS accuate nhi point kar pata. (I am damn sure, GPS ke maamle me "MI" se best koi phone nhi hai.

Note -
Abhi ke liye bas itna hi.. will update more info later.

In Low Light

Right Click and "Open image in new tab" to see image in full size.


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Sudhir K Gupta 1233

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Top 13 Interesting Facts About Human Brain – Comedymood

Top 13 Interesting Facts About Human Brain – Comedymood:

1. Do you know the weight of human brain?

the weight of human brain?
Human Brain is only about 2% of your body’s total weight. Talking about an average human brain weighs around 3 pounds that is 1,300 -1,400 gram. Undoubtedly, the weight is very less but is the most powerful in your body. A human brain is approximately 140 mm wide and 167 mm in length. The brain consumes almost 20% of the energy which is generated by your body.

In our an entire body, a brain is considered to be the fattest organ which is due to the factor that the dry weight of the human brain comprises of 60% fat. Surprisingly, fats play an important role in the brain. It is a vital part of the brain cells. It is believed that 25% of the cholesterol in your body is present in your brain. Without cholesterol, the brain cells cannot live and can even die.

2.brain can store 2.5 PETABYTE of data.

Human brain facts on memory
There is no limit to the amount of information a person can remember.

It may seem quite strange but it’s completely true that brains have an unlimited ‘storage capacity’. This capacity is for learning. A calculation by one of the Professors of Psychology at Northwestern University suggests that the brain can store 2.5 PETABYTES of data.
The long-term memory is virtually limitless. On the other hand, our short-term, or ‘working’ memory has a much smaller capacity. As per the original research into short-term memory, we can only remember 5 to 9 pieces of information there at any given time. Another fact is that as time goes on, it can be difficult to know how accurate are memories of an event. It can be hard to know for certain whether we’re remembering the event itself or are simply recalling a story.

3. The human brain consists 75 to 100 billion nerve cells

the weight of human brain?
YES! Human brain consists of the whopping 75 to 100 billion nerve cells. This is almost 14 times larger than the entire human population on the entire earth. Nerve cells are interconnected with each other. They receive and transmit impulses from each other. These impulses are generated by certain environmental stimuli.

4. Even faster than computer

Even faster than computer

Image source –
This is an amazing human brain fact that it is faster than a computer. Along with this, it is quite capable of solving problems more perfectly and efficiently. As per some reports, the master organ can be executed up to 10,000,000,000,000,000 tasks per second.

5. Physical exercise – not only for the body but brain too

Physical exercise - not only for the body but brain too

Image source –
Physical exercise is just as important for the brain as it is for your entire body. If we consider a recent study that was published in the annals of internal medicine, exercise can delay the age at which people can get Alzheimer’s disease. It can be delayed by more than 30%. This is so as it improves and makes more regular blood flow to the brain.

6. Good food means better IQ

Good food means better IQ

Image source –
As per a study, scientists found that students who ate foods those do not contain preservatives or food additives like artificial flavors and dyes performed 14% better in I.Q tests as compared to those who consumed food with these substances.

7. Your brain maintains its elasticity

Your brain maintains its elasticity

Image source –
If we consider an average, humans experience around 70,000 thoughts per day. If you laugh at a joke, it requires activity in five different areas of the brain. Apart from this, forgetting unnecessary things is actually good for the brain. This is so as it helps the nervous system to maintain its plasticity. And so in this way, our brain maintains it’s elasticity.

8. More use of gadget more chances of brain tumor

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14 Awesome Health Benefits of Drinking Wine

You would surely love to pop open the cork after a killer day whether roaming here and there or at the office. You will love the luscious wine flows in drops into your shiny glass. But still there is a voice that will slowing whisper in your ear “Should I be drinking wine?” In today’s era everyone is keen about his health. You always try to make healthy food choices. You go to the gym and yoga a few times a week to have good health. But though you love wine you will always think about it’s negative impacts. What about a glass of wine a few times per week?
Unless you are not well aware you might have heard of the heart-healthy benefits of red wine. So, this is not your big concern; you already exercise and eat pretty well.
Get ready to amaze yourself. More than just being heart-healthy, wine has a alot of surprising health benefits. These may reverse your thinking too. Some plants make resveratrol to fight off bacteria and fungi. Red and purple grapes, blueberries, cranberries and pistachios are sources. It is the wonder ingredient which is responsible for many of wine’s benefits.
Check out the following benefits of wine that go way beyond heart healthiness.

1. Live longer

Live longer
That’s absolutely right. On the island of Ikarios is a recently discovered Blue Zone. In this people live longer than anywhere else in the world. This is because daily wine consumption is part of a dietary pattern. It encourages long life. This is done through eating fewer animal-based foods and eating more plant-based foods. Apart from this you’ll find the long-lived residents of Crete and Sardinia sipping dark red wine which is a part of their anti-aging lifestyle. In 2007 a study suggested that procyanidins, compounds found in red wine tannins, help promote cardiovascular health. The wines which is produced in areas of southwest France and Sardinia have particularly high concentrations of the compound. People tend to live longer in this area.
Researchers at Harvard Medical School gave evidence that resveratrol directly activates a protein. This protein promotes health and longevity in animal models. It increases the activity of sirtuins which are a group of genes that protects the body from diseases of aging.

2. Become More Smart

Become More Smart
Resveratrol may help improve short-term memory. After just 30 minutes of testing, researchers found that participants taking resveratrol had a significant increase in retention of words and showed faster performance in the portion of the brain associated with the formation of new memories, learning, and emotions.

3. You can vanish breakouts with wine

breakouts with wine
Resveratrol is able to inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria that too longer than benzoyl peroxide. Not only this it works even better when combined with benzoyl peroxide. There is no doubt in the fact that drinking the antioxidant is the best way to be benefitted from its properties. Even the topical application in creams has not been proven as effective. The best way is to imbibe your antioxidants in wine, fruits, and veggies instead of buying expensive creams.

4. Wine can also be useful instead of gym

instead of gym
What would you like.. drinking wine or working hard at the gym? According to scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada, resveratrol improves heart, brain, and bone function and that too in the same way in which these parts are improved when you go to the gym. Now, compare the benefits of doing both!

5. No more way to depression

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Females Do Not Have Sex at These Places

Females Do Not Have Sex at These Places: The generation has changed and people are aware of the things happening around us. Most of the people around us know what is good and bad for them, but there are still few who are too lazy or have lack of knowledge to understand things around them. Such people suffer in the end. In that …

Females Do Not Have Sex at These Places

Females Do Not Have Sex at These Places: The generation has changed and people are aware of the things happening around us. Most of the people around us know what is good and bad for them, but there are still few who are too lazy or have lack of knowledge to understand things around them. Such people suffer in the end. In that …